Nolan Transportation has some of the best drivers on the road today! Nolan Transportation has always had good drivers that are willing to stay with the company. Our turnover rate is far below the Industry standard, fifty percent of our drivers have been here for more than ten years. At Nolan Transportation, the dispatchers have CDLs, with years of experience on the road as well.


Mark Nolan

Manager & Dispatch

Mark started with one truck in 1983, progressively adding trucks throughout the years. While managing Nolan Transportation is his main focus, Mark likes to haul the occasional load.


Shannon Nolan


Shannon Nolan started with Nolan Transportation the day he turned twenty-one. After driving for years, he switched to dispatching. Shannon always has a friendly attitude and when you call with a question or issue, you will talk to a person who knows what you’re dealing with and knows how to help as he’s been working in the trucking industry for more than twenty-five years.


Spencer Galaway

Shop Mechanic

Nolan Transportation is equipped with a full service shop for all of its truck service needs. Spencer Galaway is our head shop mechanic. He is a certified technician that has the ability to take care of every service need and keeps all of our equipment in good condition. When your equipment is well maintained, it makes the driver’s job much easier; less break downs on the road or being caught in a DOT check. With the drivers letting us know when there is an issue with the equipment on the road and our technicians’ checking our equipment at our shop, Nolan Transportation is able to keep the equipment in good condition. Our vehicle maintenance SafeStat percentile is excellent.


Michala Hirschfeld


Nolan Transportations accounting department is managed by Michala Hirschfeld. She has worked for our company since 2006 and has an understanding of everything pertaining to the trucking industry. She always tries to help everyone efficiently and friendly as possible. She has a good working relationship with employees and customers, making everyone’s job a little easier. If you have questions for Michala, you can contact her at or call 402.362.0366.