Nolan Transportation is a 48 state and Canada carrier operating late model Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks with all aluminum flatbed, step deck and Conestoga trailers. Nolan Transportation has a good customer base that allows us to haul a wide variety of freight. The company hauls construction materials and equipment, pipe, pole line equipment, tanks, and the occasional unconventional load, having hauled a bank vault, zoo pool and a submarine to name a few.

Nolan Transportation LLC is located at 119 East Bond Street in York, Nebraska. The company previously operated out of Spencer, Nebraska where the owner, Mark Nolan, started a one truck operation in 1983. After growing out of that building and wanting a more centralized location, a new shop and office were built in 2004. Nolan Transportation opened their doors in York on January 1st, 2005.

Nolan Transportation has always had good drivers; fifty percent of our drivers have been here for more than ten years, making our turnover rate far below industry standard. Our drivers have years of experience that helps to deal with every situation that arises when they are out on the road. The dispatchers have CDL’s as well, enabling them to envision the offered loads and possible issues before they occur and knowing what is feasible for a driver to safely accomplish.

Mark Nolan appreciates all of Nolan Transportation’s employees and customers. Our reliable employees and essential customers have allowed Nolan Transportation many years of success and optimistically, with continued support, we will have many more. Nolan Transportation has a great reputation, we stand by what we promise, we finish our tasks to the best of our abilities and with pride, and WE ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING.


Nolan Transportation wants to thank all of its customers. Our customer base allows us to haul a wide variety of freight in all 48 states and Canada. The relationships with our customers are extremely important to our continuing growth, so we are as upfront as possible and willing to go the extra steps to ensure you have a good experience with our company.

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